Our Services

Start Up Consulting

Starting a new business can be a challenging task, with so many unknown factors to consider as an entrepreneur. ConnectOne’s Business startup consulting services provide assistance to newer and high growth ventures. Our team if expert advisors can significantly improve the chances of making your business dream a success.

We engage with start-ups in different phases of their journey to help them grow, increase visibility and reach target audiences. We as experts analyse the market segment for your business, research Industry trend and conduct competitive analysis to help you get a thorough understanding of your market and consumer behaviours.

As a business startup, consulting services come with invaluable benefits. When starting a new business, most entrepreneurs do not have the expertise across all areas of the business. This is where ConnectOne Consulting contributes to plug the gaps and help your business achieve critical milestones.

Our areas of Expertise

ConnectOne Consultancy excels in developing efficient methodologies to support your growth as a start up

Strategy and Planning

ConnectOne helps create a specific roadmap for your Business with a set of clear and achievable milestones ensuring your business is in an upward trajectory through all lifecycle stages. Our team of experts evaluate and refine existing plans, recommend changes and help develop a new Business model and Business Plan. We help your business through analysis, strategy and statistics so you can achieve your goals.

Business Structure Development

A business consultant will evaluate your current project management plan and outline a strategy for moving your business towards its specific goals. This may include recommendations in branding, lead generation, marketing, advertising, and other areas of business.

Financial Modelling

Our Financial consulting experts are established financial advisors with years of experience in creating successful financial models for start-ups will take an in-depth look at your financial plan and offer advice on areas of investing to determine what it will take for your business to grow and meet its goals in the future. With this expertise, consultants make sure your money is invested wisely in areas like marketing, branding and hiring, and lessen the chance of failure due to financial problems.

Vendor Selection

With the strength of our vendor network, our experts help your business hire vendors critical to establish the smooth functioning of your business.

Business Startup Growth

Our Experts help clients grow their startup ventures. Partnering with professionals from the start, delivers higher quality results. Consulting services provide assistance as required for clients in the early critical stages of a startup.

Services in a snapshot
  • Clarity and direction
  • Market Research Help
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Project Pricing
  • Business Branding
  • Digital Journeys and E-Commerce
  • Marketing Campaign support
  • Sales Efforts

Small Business Consulting

For existing small to mid-size businesses, we help bring faster results and benefits. Our experts work very closely with your business to outline strategy, implement changes and manage operations more efficiently. ConnectOne will help your business in maximising productivity and effectiveness and help you achieve your sales goals at a much quicker pace by providing the necessary talent and experience and cutting down the learning curve required. We support our clients in all areas of the business whether it is for a specific task, target goal, get the right partners for the business or to gain some insight.

ConnectOne professionals can help you:

Gain expert assistance

Our team of experts work directly with you drastically reducing risk and delivering better results

Budget-friendly solutions

Partnering with us for consulting services are very affordable and pocket friendly for small businesses. You now have access to immediate assistance from experts with no costly investments.

Speed of delivery

Often businesses are unable to achieve important milestones and vital tasks are placed on the back-burner due to lack of time, skills and other limitations. You can now increase the momentum of achieving those critical milestones and get better results in a much smaller span of time

Operations Implementation and Improvements

Our consultants help clients through analysis, statistics, and strategy. Client’s partner with our experienced consultants to plan and also help execute critical steps for their business. Through professional’s operational improvements are outlined and implemented.

Website Design & Digital Platforms

We can help your business go digital with state-of-the-art online platforms, website designs and developments by connecting you with our technology vendor partner.

Go-To-Market Strategy, Marketing & Sales

Connect One’s team of expert will help tailor a GTM strategy that is best suited to your business to accelerate sales and create your brand presence. Help gain momentum with accurate marketing and sales tactics deployed for your business to achieve improved outcomes.

Vendor Management

Our team excels in Vendor Management services, connecting our clients to the most appropriate vendor for their business through our years of market experience and existing vendor relationships.

Change Management

Our working professionals can help plan, manage and implement changes

Services in a snapshot
  • Get clarity and direction
  • Access to expertise and knowledge
  • Help with Projects that need quick traction
  • Operations and Service Excellence
  • GTM Strategy
  • Vendor Management
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Website Development and Design
  • Online Marketing Assistance
  • Advertising Assistance
  • Growth Management

On-Demand CXO

In our On-demand consulting services, we help lead the finance and accounting and Operational functions of your business. We bring results-oriented guidance to your team at the executive level. Our executive helps internalize your company’s financial and operational strategies helping you build profitability, scalability and competitive advantage.

Our experienced executive allows you to access critical help you need, but on an ‘on-demand’ model - You pay for what you need and you get the full experience of a seasoned veteran.

As On-demand CXOs we are on your Team, becoming an accountable member of your team. Our service offerings include

  • Manage accounting and financial functions of the business.
  • Review company’s monthly/quarterly reports, analyse financial results, identify key trends, update forecasts, assess risks and opportunities.
  • Provide strategic support for CEOs, board members, and other senior leaders.
  • Develop operational and financial models and key metrics that support company’s strategic direction.
  • Analyse technology, processes and team needed to deliver in most efficient and effective manner and make improvements as needed.
  • Advise on and support the implementation of the systems and processes that will help scale the company’s operations.
  • Develop and manage relationships with outside partners/vendors.